RateADentist gathers reviews posted by patients. A review can be gathered from RateADentist itself, a partner, one of our city sites, or an office's website.

Prospective patients use RateADentist to search for a dentist in their area, read reviews, and find out more detailed information, including contact information.

As a dental office, you will log into RateADentist to edit your office information and manage your reviews to determine how your information appears on RateADentist, your Facebook fan page, and/or your website. The changes you make here will immediately be effective on RateADentist.com and all of the city-specific sites of RateADentist.com like Atlanta.RateADentist.com and Boston.RateADentist.com.

RateADentist provides its premium members with three distinct capabilities:

  • The ability to have the very best reviews displayed automatically on the dentist's own website or Facebook fan page
  • The ability to have patients complete the review on the dentist's own website
  • The ability for patients to share their review through Facebook and Twitter, with only a few clicks

See our Products page for more information.

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