Adding the "Meet Our Team" Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

Log in to Facebook with an account that has access to add applications to your fan page.

Go to

Click on "Add to My Page" on the left

Click "Add to Page" for the Page you'd like to add the "Meet Our Team" tab to.

Go to your fan page and click on your new "Meet Our Team" tab. If you have not installed a RateADentist Facebook tab, you will be prompted to enter your RateADentist username and password. RateADentist will then link your Facebook account to your RateADentist account.

Testing Your Facebook Fan Page

If no information appears, make sure you go to "Our Office Team" on your RateADentist admin page and select "Display on my site" for the ratings you'd like to see on your "Meet Our Team" tab. Then, save and reload again and your team information should appear.