Adding the "Reviews" Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

Log in to Facebook with an account that has access to add applications to your fan page.

Go to

You MAY get this option to CONTINUE AS... You want to select this.

Click on CHOOSE FACEBOOK PAGES and select your fan page in the drop down.

Then click ADD PAGE TAB.
You MAY get directed to a PAGE NOT FOUND ­- this is ok!
Now open your facebook page and refresh the page.

You will see a REVIEWS icon in the list of tabs. If you do NOT see this ­ click on the small box on the right with the number in it. This will show ALL of your available tabs ­ the REVIEWS tab should be there.

Click on the REVIEWS tab

Enter your RAD login and password

Once you do this ­you will see your reviews listed that you have marked in RAD to DISPLAY ON FACEBOOK/WEBSITE. If you do not see any listed. Please go to RAD, select MY RATINGS and make sure you have the ratings marked with DISPLAY ON FACEBOOK for the ones you want to display.

If you want to change the order of your tabs on your facebook timeline ­- hover over the REVIEWS tab and click on the pencil on the upper right corner of the tab. Select ‘SWAP Location with’ and choose another position. I swapped REVIEWS with MAKE APPOINTMENT in the example above